Casey Anthony Flips Off The Court

Just like Lindsay Lohan and her fancy F*ck You fingernail polish that she wore to court…

Casey Anthony is sending special secret messages to the Judge and jury at her trial.

Casey Anthony literally flipped off the court and the entire world on live TV yesterday and NOBODY NOTICED. Well, ALMOST nobody.

Try it… get a tissue and wipe your eyes and see if your hand naturally goes to this position… it feels awkward and bizarre… If you ask me, this act is clearly intentional and clearly not an accident.

You can see how much respect she has for the little girl she murdered and the court system that threatens to hold her accountable for her crimes.

Watch the video and see for yourself. You might want to jump ahead to 26:15 and 27:07 to see what I’m talking about here.


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…seriously? all she is doing is wiping her eyes the whole time. OOOOH A MIDDLE FINGER. …jesus

Casey also has a “Bella Vita” tattoo just as Lindsay does, although they spell it differently.

As a mother and grandmother, I cannot imagine how this young woman can sit there and listen to everything without falling apart….if she were innocent. I wonder if the jury caugh No mother would, and she is hurting her family just to try to save her own butt!t her hand gestures? From her actions and the entries in her diary, is there any doubt of her guilt? I do feel so bad for her father. I hope the prosecutor asks why Casey woulld have ever left Caylee with George if he were such a molester??

as a moter

I hope this jury isn’t stupid enough to buy into the defense’s rediculous theory. If she get’s off I will be so mad

There was another time she flipped off the court. Google Casey Anthony-Anatomy of a Courtroom Joke if you want to see it.
I wonder if the Miranda law applies to the defendant’s behavior in the courtroom? I think Judge Perry should be.made aware of this so he can hold Casey and the whole defense team in contempt.

Every time I see this kunt, I just want to punch her face in. I hope Big Bertha gets ahold of her in prison.