Casey Anthony Crime Scene Evidence [Photos & Video]

There has been a lot of evidence presented in the Casey Anthony trial so far. We’ve seen some horrific photos that have really brought this incident to life. Here is a recap of some of the evidence and photos of key objects, locations and people from the trial thus far.

Let’s start with the reason you are even reading this. Sweet, little Caylee Anthony.

This Caylee Anthony who was murdered by her mother Casey Anthony. The jury hasn’t made their decision, but I’ve made mine.


George & Cindy’s back yard. Where is this swimming pool everyone keeps talking about? How come I can’t find phtos of the swimming pool?


Another photo of the Anthony back yard.


The play house and the spot where cadaver dogs hit on the scent of decomposition.


Caylee’s doll… Cindy said it smelled so bad that she treated it with Fabreeze to try to get rid of the smell so that Caylee could have her doll back when she returned home. Cindy had no idea that the smell on the doll was that of Caylee’s rotting corpse.


Another photo of Caylee’s doll.


Casey’s car and the open truck where cadaver dogs also hit on the scent of human decay.


The shorts Caylee was wearing at the time of her death from the front.


The shorts Caylee was wearing at the time of her death from the back.


A label from the clothing Caylee was wearing at the time of her death.


A label from the clothing Caylee was wearing at the time of her death.


The letters from the shirt she was wearing at the time of her death, found at the grave site, and to the right a picture of Caylee wearing the shire while she was still alive.


The spot where little Caylee’s body was found.


You’ve heard Nancy Grace say that little Caylee had been “triple bagged and thrown out like trash” and here are the bags.


Another bag containing evidence, also found at the grave site.


Caylee’s skull.


Caylee’s skull being removed.


Caylee’s skull, pixilated by the courts for the public.


Disturbing photo of Caylee’s skull superimposed over a photo of her face and the duct tape then placed where it had been placed at the time of her death.


Heart shaped sticker found near the remains, similar to the heart shaped sticker found residue found on duct tape that covered little Caylee’s mouth at the time of her death. Could the sticker placed over the murdered girl’s mouth have looked like this?


The heart shaped stickers that you’ve heard so much about. One found on the tape covering the mouth of dead Caylee and the rest found in Casey’s bedroom.

Now there are some photos that you might want to see but they could be upsetting to some so I am not going to show you them in this blog… I have inserted links and if you click “CLICK HERE” they will pop up on your screen. I didn’t want some to accidentally see them who didn’t want to. You will not see them by simply scrolling down.



To see Caylee’s skeleton CLICK HERE



To see Caylee’s matted hair CLICK HERE


Collecting evidence at the grave site.


Computer graphics of Caylee’s skeleton.


Caylee swimming in the pool that Casey now claims she died in.


(Is anyone else disturbed by how much this woman looks like Cindy?)


We will NEVER know what happened that day because Casey is a liar and will continue to lie, and even if she started to tell the truth for some reason, we wouldn’t be able to believe her at this point. We will never get to the truth, but maybe this jury will at least give Caylee some kind of justice by putting the person responsible for her murder where she belongs.

Do you think Casey Anthony is guilty? Innocent? Haven’t made up your mind? We want to hear what you think about the Casey Anthony trial in the comments below.


That is so sad that a cute little girl like Caylee died:( i think that Casey was responsible for all of this!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t believe anyone would do this

Wow… I cannot believe the jury found her not guilty. They had all the evidence, but we f***ed it up, AGAIN! Are we really that stupid to let a murderer run these streets again? I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that by the end of this year, Casey Anthony will no longer be with us.

I just think its sick that a mother can do this to her child! That poor little girl didn’t deserve it!

Journal Entry from Casey’s Diary dated 21 June (no year but Cindy and Baez claimed this entry was made in 2003):

“I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay.
I completely trust my own judgement & know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means.
I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see – This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time.
I hope that my happiness will continue to grow – I’ve made new friends that I really like. I’ve surrounded myself with good people – I am finally happy. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t change.”

The problem is that according to online sources (whether accurate or not I do not yet know), the particular diary she was writing in was not available until 2004.

What do you all think?


i cannott believe this . That little girl was an angel , she was beautiful , and would of had things going for her in the future if it wasnt for Casey . Who is so sick that they can murder their own baby !? She may think she got off but God knows exactly who did it and when the time comes it will be her turn too suffer . She’s not a mother or a human being at that . I cant believe how sick and demented she is ! I cry for Caylee becuase that little girl had no clue she was doing anything wrong and she really wasnt . Casey killed her and left her out like trash and that is something that is truely sick and will NEVER be forgiven by God or the world . I hope she dreams about little Caylee at night and thinks about her 24/7 and grieves over her becuase she can never see her again no matter how much she misses her and she has to know thats her own fault . But little Caylees walking with the Lord now and shes in a better place . away from that sick woman and her sick ways . God knows all and sees all and he knows . Her time is coming ! RIP LITTLE ANGEL CAYLEE <3

i think this whole case is bull shit ! casey should of been thrown in jail immediatly 1 everybody knows she killed poor little Caylee . She had no right to harm that little girl in any way ! even if it is her kid . Caylee diserved better than what she got and right now she deserves justice and they need to throw that bitch in jail and let her rot ! show her how it feels too be like that . she should think about Caylee everyday and now that when the time comes for her she WILL rot in hell for what she did ! shes not a mother at all … shes a monster and needs too be served for Caylees sake . they need to stand up and do somthing about this because that was an innocent life taken away for no reason and if sombody did that to Casey i bet they would be in jail instantly . its not fair that Caylee is not here anymore and shes not getting the justice we should be seeing . its ok Casey will get hers and the court will realize in the long run what they did but letting her off like that . like it was nothing and she didnt kill her own flesh and blood . thats crazy . people in the world these days only care about themselves and their safety and needs . thats fucking bullshit if you ask me !

I thought Caylee drowned…shorts and a top were entered into evidence so where is the bathing suit that she wore when she accidently drowned or did Casey change or clothes, where was Casey while this sweet baby was out in the backyard by herself…Casey was apparently away from Caylee for some time for her to “drown”. Since there were no fingerprints on anything, I would think gloves or something was worn by the assailant…any signs of gloves? Casey is not smart enough to pull of the “perfect murder” without taking time to plan…Don’t believe anything she says about being abused by her dad or brother….don’t believe Casey’s parents knew anything about the murder, I think they honestly feel that their daughter did something evil to Caylee and are torn between her getting the death penalty or living. Casey comes off as a controlling person, always having her way at any cost…i.e., jailhouse conversations..she has a temper for sure and a quick one at that….when friends would ask where Caylee was Casey would say with a sitter or parents…raining the day Caylee went missing…tire tracks would have shown good then.. but the likelihood of them remaining for 6 months is slim but still worth a shot to see if Casey’s tire treads showed..and raining the day they were gathering evidence…room enough for someone to pull off onto the shoulder and for Casey to toss her baby…someone familiar with that area would know the time of day that there would be the least amount of traffic. Defense attorney Baez home in foreclosure during trial; Anthony’s behind in payments; foreclosures in Florida rank highest in states…did any jurors have homes in foreclosure that would have made them rush to get home to take care of personal business rather than take more time in court…jury didn’t ask for anything from court, notes taken..don’t think so..were they that smart that they could remember 6 weeks of trial and what was presented to them…don’t think so….did prosecutor play with her water bottle too much during closing arguments…thought so the day of and then today I watched closing again and I couldn’t tell you the number of time she opened that bottle, took a drink, closed that bottle, opened it, took a drink…it was non-stop..makes me wonder if the jury was watching her and not paying attention to what was being said.

OMG, has everyone seen the interview on the Dr. Drew show with a woman who stayed with Casey for 9 days prior to the discovery of Caley’s body? Casey mentioned Chloroform to Tracey. Here’s what’s even more chilling. Tracey stated that Casey played a song over and over, entitled, “The Past”. Here are the lyrics:

Beneath the water
that’s falling from my eyes
lays a soul I’ve left behind
the edge of sorrow was reached but now I’m fine
I’ve filled the hole I had inside

I’ll pray it doesn’t scream my name
so I light a flame and let it breathe
the air that kills the shame

I’m up
I’m down
like a rollercoaster racing through my life
I’ve erased the past again

a risky morning
I feel like I’m alive
I can’t believe I’ve made it through this time
the edge of sorrow I lived in for some time
(lived in for some time)
has left the hole I have inside

The burden is I try my hate
was the last thing I ever felt
or thought I could escape

I’m up
I’m down
like a rollercoaster racing through my life
I’ve erased the past again

You let me in then broke me down
the difference is this time around
I will not let you see me try

I’m up
I’m down
like a rollercoaster racing through my life
I’ve erased the past again

Erased the past again now
Erased the past again

Beneath the water
that has fallen from my eyes



I have viewed Casey’s photographs over and over again and I have to say, it’s almost “Frightening” to see her “Sadistic” features and how often her “Facial” expressions change during each photo. It’s almost as though she is “Two” people or maybe even “Three”. And her “Actions” inside and outside of the “Courtroom” are quite disturbing also. I could be wrong but, I tend to think Casey’s parents had there hands full raising there daughter. I didn’t hear much about “Therapy” sessions during the “Trial”. Did she ever have a “Psychiatrist” or “Therapist” before her child’s death and if so why weren’t those records released to the court. I find it hard to believe that Casey’s parents viewed her as being “Stable”. Her “Personality” seems to be all over the map. One moment she is going off the deep end and the next moment you would think she is very stable. It’s very “Upsetting” to view to be perfectly honest.

The “Prostitution” scenario sounds very “Feasible” and that never entered my mind at all but sounds extremely logical. Maybe that is one of the reasons she is able to “Disregard” her daughters death and pretend like it never happened. If she has been prostituting herself she would at some point have to shut her “Mind” down and “Pretend” her days or nights with so many different men weren’t happening which she was able to do with Caylee. She had to be getting money from somewhere and she seemed to offer her “Body” in such a free way and that is also obvious in so many of her photos. I think it was very easy for Casey to “Dispose” of her daughter because she had no “Conscience” and to her, Caylee never “Existed”. Just as you can block “Prostitution” out you can block out a “Death”.

What breaks my heart is having to look at “Evidence” of a “Child” that once walked this earth so “Innocently” and trying to comprehend that she is now dead and wondering if she “Suffered” or died a quick “Death”. The sad thing is, no one will ever know except “Casey” the one who gave her life and the one who took her life. As far as the “Chloroform” goes, I wonder just how many times this poor child had to “Absorb” this substance and what kind of toll it was taking on her health if that is the case. I would hate to think she taped her mouth and nose up and placed her into a garbage bag alive and “Sufficated” her to death, and what an aweful death that would be. I would like to know about her past. I didn’t hear much about “Therapy” sessions during the “Trial” for Casey.

I would like to know about her past “Psychiatric” records. There has to be some in existance and I don’t mean the ones during her “Jail” time. I have a funny feeling that Casey’s parents have been protecting her for most of her life because she was such a troubled child and they are still protecting her even in the end after she totally “Abused” the both of them.

This is a woman who is very good at “Manipulating” the people that surround her from “Friends” to “Prison Guards”. She knows how to work the “System” and her “Family”. If this was the turn of the century, (1800’s-1900’s) Casey Anthony would have been “Institutionalized” and the key would have been thrown away. The thought of her bringing another child into the world “Horrifies” me. May Caylee “Rest In Peace” and be infolded in some “Angels” arms to guide her through the “Unknown” and may Casey’s life never consist of ‘Peace”.


There are a lot of pools in many homes Trey. I assume you believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that Caley drowned accidentally. This means you bought the alternate theory proposed by Baez during his opening statement. I admit that I too was curious about this when I first heard it. But again folks, you have to use common sense.

The natural affections of any parent, especially a mother, is quite evident, be it in private or among the populace. We all love our children so much that we’d put our lives on the line to protect them. If something were to ever happen to our children, what parent would not be torn down with helpless guilt, remorse, and even the desire to commit suicide? Losing a child can be the most devastating catastrophe a parent could ever face; trust me, I know because my little 2 week old daughter died in my arms when her lungs began to fail (born 2 months premature). I and my wife were both devastated, and could hardly talk to each other for months. Eventually we recovered, but even to this day, after 10 years, we still think of her a great deal and sometimes feel pain from such a devastating loss..

Caley could not have drowned for the simple fact that no human being could hide their remorse, guilty, or pain after such a travesty. The very next day after the death (missing) of her daughter, she was out partying with her friends. From their testimony, she did not show any signs of pain, remorse, guilt, depression, or anxiety of life. She demonstrated the personality and attitude of someone with a new life. If her daughter died in an accident, then those who believe in the Baez theory (which was used as nothing more than a diversion to create doubt, thus leading to the Jury’s mistaken decision) must also believe that Casey is the greatest actor on the face of this earth, able even to hide the strongest of human emotions, WHILE DRUNK, which we know that alcohol makes depression worse; she showed none of that. She partied, hung out with many friends, showed no signs of remorse, guilt, depression, or any sign indicating the loss of her daughter; her signs were that of an everyday party girl enjoying the beautiful life.

Now some believe this was all staged by her father. But I think those who believe this are giving George and Casey more credit than what they deserve. Yes I know George was an investigator. But I’m sorry folks; I can’t believe that young Casey is strong enough to hide her remorse. After all folks, per Baez’s theory, she lost her child! Who could hide emotions from such a travesty? She can’t even control her anger at times, as caught on tape. Yet she’s able to hide her emotions after having lost the love of her life? If she truly loved her daughter, despite the theoretical drowning accident, do you believe she would care of her life? She would have isolated herself, entered into a deep depression (as is normal), and chose not to associate with anyone. And since she did go out with associates, most of her time no doubt would have been spent crying on tender shoulders, as she would have sought for emotional consolation and support. But again, she did none of that; she did the opposite.

Baez played his cards right. He had three years to conjure up a drowning scenario. And this was noting more than an attempt to create doubt within the Jury, and it worked like a charm; the Juror’s all fell for it.

Now consider this as well. If George did try staging a murder to protect his daughter, right up to the end, when the entire world was certain she would get the death penalty, do you honestly believe that he would let his daughter be sentenced to death? What parent, knowing their child to be innocent, would ever let their children take the fall?

There are other reasons, particularly the pain George and Cindy felt, to reject the drown scenario. Casey’s attitude and lies do not fit the scenario of an accidental death. Now I’d be willing to concede that she used chloroform to put her daughter to sleep so she could party, thus leading to accidental death. But again, this goes back to the natural emotional state of a loving mother who loses her child; depression, anxiety, guilty, remorse, and possibly suicide all defeats our emotional state. Casey showed none of that. Instead, she showed the life a young woman enjoying the beautiful life.

In conclusion, Casey Anthony was exonerated of murder because the Jury did not take the time to analyze all of the evidence and facts of the case. Like lazy high school student not wanting to do their homework, they chose the simplistic way out. They fell for Baez’s drowning scenario, even though the Judge ruled out this theory, which was not permitted as evidence. It appears that the Jury, although not admitting the drowning theory, still believed in a theoretical accident despite the lack of testimony, or evidence; they exonerated Casey from murder based on an unproven theory, which was not right to do. Casey murdered her child, and her attitude showed it, and in just a few short day (if not already), she will walk free and be returned to society as though nothing ever happened; no counseling, no restrictions; all is normal.

This is nothing more than OJ2


she didnt show remorse because she is a monster not a loving mother…. i agree with everything you have said joseph…. this is oj all over i wont be surprised if she comes out and admits it now that there is nothing anyone can do. did anyone else notice how she almost laughed when they read the verdict? i saw the look in her eye of laughter behind her theatrical sobbing… notice as soon as they start going into the petty guilty verdicts shes all of a sudden done ‘crying’…. she makes me physically ill…. i would die if something ever happened to my sweet daughter…. i can not believe any state in this country that any person would let this evil woman go free…. YOU LET HER GET AWAY WITH MURDERING HER BABY!!!!!!! :'(

If you look at google maps and view the Anthony home, you can see a large round pool on the other side of the backyard.

Oh My God! I seen a few pics of Caley’s bones on television during the trial. But this group of pictures hit me even stronger. OMG, I’m can’t believe this. This isn’t the same as what Susan Smith (name) did to her children in 1994. This is far worse. I’m a 43 year old male, and I can’t tell you how heart broken I am. I don’t care what the Jury said, Casey Anthony was acquitted because the Jury did not have enough intelligence to rely on common sense, circumstantial evidence, and the available evidence as even shown in these pictures. Casey Anthony definitely murdered her daughter! As for her parents involvement, I strongly disagree. I believe they know their daughter killed Caley. But they didn’t want to lose another daughter by the death penalty, so they committed perjury. George may indeed be a worthless lying stack of **** who committed adultery against his wife. But adultery and murder are two different things. Besides, George was not on trial here; his murderous daughter was! I personally don’t believe Chloroform was used. I hate to say this folks, but this cold lying pathetic psychopathic liar murdered an innocent 2 year old beautiful little girl. AND SHE GOT AWAY WITH IT because the Jury failed to connect the dots. Jennifer Ford said, “If you don’t know how she died, then how can you charge someone with a crime?” Are you serious Jennifer? Are you freaking serious? Look at the pictures woman! I can’t even see the full picture because of blurs, and even I can easily see what happened. Now you can speculate that someone else added the duct tape. But where’s your proof? What evidence do you have to support this as “reasonable doubt”? You and your panel let a psychopathic murderous liar get away with obvious murder! It’s all in the pictures, and in Casey’s obstruction of justice caused by her lies and deceptions to the authorities. I originally defended you guys! But now, you and your panel have shown your complete lack of common sense, and intelligence! May the world forgive you. And every time you see Casey walking the streets (your Jurors), I hope that reminds you of who you set free! At least Juror number 2 admits that he wanted very badly to put Casey away. But apparently you, and the two alternate Jurors, have a long way to go. I’m not one for bad thoughts or wishes. But as hurt as I feel right now, I would not shed a single tear if Casey were caught in a mouse trap!

I have read most of these postings. I am from Canada and I can tell you we are just as sick here. First, I can’t believe that Baez got away with the opening story about Casey being molested and the “pool drowning”. I can’t believe how the media is playing into all of this and finally I can’t believe that someone “we all know is quilty” can make money on the death of her daughter. Even Baez is trying to get an agent to make money on the death of this beautiful child.I really question the “relationship” between Casey and Baez!!!But let’s put aside all that for now and talk about “carma” and “what goes around comes around”….
Remember OJ, got away with murder and tried to capitalize on his killings?…
Remember the defense team that got him off? Two attorneys are dead…Johnny Cockrin (might have spelt that wrong) and the Kardashian lawyer that hide the brief case. Except for one lawyer that turned his life and practice around to help wrongfully convicted, all the rest have serious issues shall we say. Then there is OJ in prison. Carma is a bitch…look out defense team… Casey I predict will end up in prison too…it may not be as long as it took OJ. I don’t blame the parents, she is a bad seed that has used and abused everyone in her path. She even abused that beautiful little angel and then killed her because she was getting to the age where she could talk and was aware of what was going on. People of the US do something for Caylee…stop putting stories on the air about Casey. Boycott all media and anything this person does to make money. Boycott her lawyers and any books or movies any of them put out. We can’t change the past but we can sure change the future. Make her return to the streets for money….lie, steal and she will be back in prison before you know it. If she doesn’t make money for the lawyers or people around her they will cast her aside. People, Casey is a nothing…let her return to a nothing and end up where she belongs.

I think that the entire Anthony family knew more than they admitted.Also they all lied on the witness stand to help get Casey aquitted.I’m positive this won’t be the last time we will hear about her…she is a very sick individual.

Casey will be judged again one day by God and, his punishment will be a lot more then the court room. We can only pray this now. Rip little Angel you are so loved.

that would be illegal… double jeopardy. this evil woman has gotten away with murdering her child before all of us and the courts… but not by god, he will judge her and his punishment will be the one that counts for she murdered one of his angels…. threw away his gift to her like she was trash…. rip dear caylee u will not be forgotten sweet angel :'(

First of all the forensics team did lack doing their job right in better proving this cynical cold hearted demonic slut that she did do it. Second come on two jurors didnt even pass 11th grade? Really Florida your gonna have losers that cant even pass general studies in a very crucial trial? Enuff said, what mother puts beautiful life on them when their daughter dies, goes party like its 1999 all over when she is dead, goes and reports the daughter missing 31 days later and all the 31 days goes party,whore around and get tatted that? How can life be beautiful without the one life that shared one heart one soul one body for nine months? And another thing her writing I have no regrets of what i did etc on diary entry on June 21? And lying BIG time like theirs is no tomorrow, what demon took over this bitch, seriously? The car never being towed away and mysteriously it does and dad has to go for it and your mia how many days? Thats a major given this lost soul was hiding something even inveting people. Its so pathetik that she can be counted for lying but not for death not even because her actions showed it? It is very obvious, who dame did it, whose life was better without caylees? Cold hearted psycho, how can our system count a liar for lying and not guilty, idiots beleiving a LIAR of all things pffft commmon fucken Florida wake up!!! Dear God I pray tonight and day until the day justice is made for this angel, for you are perfect and you saw this demon kill the blessing you gave her, society has fallen deeply into foolishness and have no consideration that enuff is there just not DNA, am sorry caylee honey that ignorant people in this world have forgotten that actions speak louder than words and not a disrespectful clown aka baez say u drowned and fool people to think otherwise, I can promise you this though sweety u are home with all the beautiful angels free away from the evils of hell and your dysfunctional family and your mom that didnt appreciate the best gift God can give a woman a child, I am sorry that you have to see this but I know our dear Lord is taking care of you better than anyone else would have enjoy paradise baby and justice will be served. AS FOR YOU CASEY, GOD BLESS YOUR LOST SOUL FOR YOUR PUNISHMENT WILL COME,HE PUNISHES AND WEN HE DOES IT WILL GET YOU. RIP Caylee for all of us that know it was here forever you will be in our hearts and thoughts.

thanks for keeping the skull hidden .. ill propbrobly look at it one day but i dont think im ready right now …. i thought that was very thoughtful

thanks for not showing the skull (:
i might take a peek one day but i dont think im ready
thanks that was very thoughtful

Just thinkin out loud here. I hope Casey gets what she deserves. But what about the hundreds of women who murder their babies everyday? It’s called Abortion, people!

How could that little bitch kill her own child,this decision should fast and easy for the jury,she needs a niddle in her arm, justice for Caylee,i only wish that little Caylee could have left this world with respect and dignaty instead of being throughen away like trash.
God bless you Caylee,may you rest in peace.

Thanks for posting this information, I had never thought about Casey being a prostitute, but it kinda gives me that aha moment. It would make since, she was obviously doing something for money besides just stealing some checks. I hope she is executed for this. Caylee was a beautiful child, she deserved a mother to love and protect her, and when Casey decided that she didn’t want to do that anymore and that she got in the way of her partying, she murdered her.

I believe that she need sto get the death penalty anyone who could take a child and kill them deserves no type of mercy, further more, believe that the rest of the family knew and now they are trying to cover up for it except the brother. I have thre kids and it kills me when they get hurt just in the least so anyone who could do this is not even a person. I also agree with the person who put that the photos are blurred and that America is to sensitive is exactly right they should not want to look up photos or even see them uness they are prepared to “see them”. Thats all for now

I don’t think she should get the death penalty, I think she should get prison for life. Death penalty is getting it out wayyyyyy to easy and I think she should be miserable in Prison just as caylee was with being drugged and put duct tape around her mouth and bagged several times and thrown away like a piece of trash

My heart sank at the photo of Caylee. She was such a perfect little doll. Anyone would be blessed to have such a sweet baby in their life – with that smile and twinkle in her big, beautiful eyes – it makes me so sad. Whoever did this to her deserves to rot in prison for the rest of their lives and if it was Casey, she deserves double that. It’s disgusting that there are millions of people out there that would do anything to have a baby and spend obscene amounts of money trying and still can’t. But, there are mothers out there that do things like this – and WORSE – to their own flesh and blood; their CHILDREN; their own BABIES – it makes my stomach turn! I hop little Caylee gets the justice she deserves. RIP baby girl. <3

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey killed Caylee.
I just have to point out though, those heart stickers do not look like the same ones to me!!

I’m much your mind about the heart sticker not looking like those in the Anthony home, but everything else “looks like a duck”.

Re:Muffy Bolding

It is not a blog for entertainment it is facts for people to realize how cruel Casey Anthony is. This is not a joke and it should not be the greatest thing to you. It is really sad. People like you is what pisses other people because you guys take it like a joke and that is fun! That is not the purpose of the pictures! IF you love this,,, You must be a crazy loony!

I think you misunderstand what Muffy was saying. She’s not talking about this blog entry, she’s just saying that she loves our website.

That’s a good theory Spectre, sounds like that’s where Baez is going to go, saying George’s motives for helping dispose of the body is cause he feared his DNA would be found. I just hope the jury doesn’t buy into Baez’s bullshit.

Casey is a sociopath. She thought of her daughter as an object, like a doll you can play with. When she saw that her mother loved Calley so much and her mother made her mad she took the”doll” away from her mother to punish her, by killing the child. Also, so she could live the good life and party with her friends and not have to worry about having the baby around. She has no conscience. Why should she care, the baby was an object, not a person to her.

Casey’s bitchy reaction should have made George suspicious that she was up to something. I would have demanded my son/daughter show me what was in the trunk before I took away the keys.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Baez is going to tell jurors that George Anthony’s motive for helping cover up Caylee’s death (not calling 911) was because evidence of sexual abuse (his DNA) would be discovered during her autopsy.

Has anyone realized the discrepancy regarding the following: They claim the child drowned on July 16th.(BIG LIE) Then they claim she wanted the shovel on the 18th to dig up roots so the child wouldn’t fall on them..Hello defense team!! Didn’t you say she was dead already on the 18th??? Guess she didn’t need the shovel for THAT reason after all!!!

I’ve been following this case since the beginning. Does anyone else remember George Anthony stating to the police that he needed to get a car jack out of the trunk of Casey’s car and she fought him and cursed him out, then ran ahead and got it for him herself?! This was back in 2008 when Cindy and George didnt even know their granddaughter was missing. Sounds like Caylee was in the trunk to me!

Interesting theory! nothing would surprise me at this point about Casey. She has no conscience.

Her being a prostitute would ALSO explain why no one knows who Caylee’s father is. You’d think if Casey did know she would make it known in order to have gotten child support from the father. BUT if she were working as a prostitute and slept with a dozen men, well she’s not gonna go through getting them all to take a paternity test cause then everyone would know she’s a whore.


I wondered the same exact thing and then my mom came up with her own theory.

Casey wasnt working, but her family thought she was….obviously she was leaving her house everyday and going SOMEWHERE, and she was taking Caylee with her. My mom thinks Casey was getting money by prostituting herself out—where else was she getting money from?? Obviously she was earning money somehow cause even her parents thought she was working. She was taking Caylee WITH her and using Chloroform to make her go to sleep while she had sex with men for money.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read in my entire life. Using chloroform to knock someone out lasts 1-2 minutes. Your entire comment is uneducated and ignorant. I realize I’m commenting 3 years later but seriously this is one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

I am puzzeled by the whereabouts of Casey for the two years she claims she was working…she would leave everyday for work and pack Caley for the sitters…where was she and where was the baby during this time? Was she really working somewhere? Was someone taking care of the baby while she was working?