Casey Anthony $5 Million Palm Springs Interview

The vultures are circling around Caylee’s tiny rotted corpse.

This scumbag producer who wants to pay baby killer Casey Anthony for an interview and he claims that he met with her IN PERSON recently.

You all heard about this Jerry Springer producer guy named Al Taylor, who wants to give Casey $1 Million for an interview. Well, now he’s claiming that he met her with her in Palm Springs, “I got a call early Tuesday morning from a representative saying if you want to meet with her, be at this certain area in 15 minutes. I was game. I showed up. I wasn’t sure if I was going to meet her. And sure enough she was there.” Taylor that the first thing Anthony did was ask about the money. “Where’s the check?” Taylor claims she asked.

I guess it’s possible, but what guy shows up with a $1Million dollar check on 15 minutes notice? Doesn’t seem likely.

Taylor says he’s gonna sell the interview and make his money overseas, and then give the interview away for free in the U.S. to avoid a boycott. I say boycott this guy anyway. Boycott him NOW for even making the offer to Casey. Boycott anything this guy is associated with.

I can’t verify any of the facts in this story on the internet. Olando claims another producer whose name is Jake Schalmo of Schalmo Production in Ohio – a company that didn’t exist before Jan. 2011 has now offered $5 Million to Casey for an interview tweeting:

Possibly, but I couldn’t any Tweets matching this on his Twitter account. I did see this though..

This d-bab Jake also has a Facebook page and he looks like he runs a strip club or something. Really slimy frat boy, date rape, porn producer lookin’ dude.

So this is the kind of guy who wants to do business with Casey Anthony – the scum of the earth – strip club owners, pimps, drug dealers, and circus freaks who want to cash in. Also, where the hell is THIS GUY gonna get $5 Million? He doesn’t look like he can pay his cellphone bill, let alone come up with $5Mil.

DO NOT WATCH THIS INTERVIEW IF IT EVER COMES TO BE. WEATHER IT’S FREE OR NOT. DO NOT WATCH ANYTHING WITH CASEY ANTHONY IN IT. DON’T BUY ANYTHING WITH CASEY ANTHONY ON IT. Interviews, magazines, merchandise… We have to shun this woman and everyone associated with her from society or we, as a Nation are doomed.

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