Best Reactions To Nancy Grace’s Reaction To The Casey Anthony Verdict!

Hey, there’s nothing funny about the Casey Anthony verdict or the murder of the beautiful and innocent, Caylee Marie. There has, however, been some very humorous reactions to the insanity of the verdict aftermath. And you know our girl Nancy Grace is at the center of it all. Here’s some of the most amusing.  Cause I think we all need to laugh a little…otherwise we will all sink back into the horrible depression we all felt after the verdict was read. Crap I’m feeling sick again…

Comedian and TV personality Dave Holmes:

— “I’m guessing Nancy Grace’s reaction will measure a 9 on the Van Der Sloot scale.”


Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever:

— “Nancy Grace is obviously Cape Fearing a ride home underneath Casey Anthony’s car tonight, right?”


Humorist Bill Kempin:

–“A severe storm watch is in effect. Head to your basement if you see Nancy Grace.”

— “Current heat indexes: Las Vegas 94, Kansas City 98, Dallas 100, Phoenix 105, Nancy Grace 282.”


Bryan Safi, host of Current TV’s That’s Gay:

–“Is it possible that Nancy Grace kills children for ratings?”

— “Nancy Grace is delivering a monologue from what I can only assume is Night, Mother.”


Actor-comedian John Fugelsang (CSI):

–“And today Nancy Grace explores all murders of poor non-telegenic minority children that still remain unsolved. Or not.”

— “I seriously haven’t seen nancy grace this furious since her bungling henchmen let those dalmatians escape.”


Ralph Garman of Los Angeles radio station KROQ:

— “Now that the Anthony trial is over, can we bring Nancy Grace up on charges for felony assholery?”


Comedian and TV personality Dave Holmes:

— “I watched the first couple minutes of the Nancy Grace rebroadcast last night, then someone called me and said ‘SEVEN DAYS.'”


Writer-director Brian Koppelman (Ocean’s Thirteen, Solitary Man, Knockaround Guys):

— “If Nancy Grace had any decency at all (doubtful), she’d resign today and go spend a year quietly thinking.”

Andy Borowitz, who runs the satirical website Borowitz Report:

— “I hate the idea of someone who’s clearly crazy & dangerous going free, but that’s apparently the deal with Nancy Grace.”

What do you think of all the reaction to Nancy Grace? Let us know in the comments!