Douchebag Of The Year: Barbara Walters Wines and Dines Jose Baez To Get Casey Anthony Interview

The video is dark but there she is. Barbara Walters enjoying a night of theater and fine dining with Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez, while Caylee’s little body rots in pieces in the ground. How was the soup Barbara? Is that jacket keeping you warm? Enjoying dining with the devil?

Barbara Walters proves that she’s as shallow and consumed with ratings as anybody else. Even willing to dine with Jose Baez, who helped to get a baby killer out of serving any time for the crime. Classy Barbara. We need to let Barbara know that we don’t want to see Casey Anthony on 20/20 or anywhere else, and that her ratings will suffer if she puts Casey on the air.

What a scum bag Barbara is. She acts like she’s so intelligent and enlightened but she’s no better than any other scumbag out there. She’s willing to put a woman who got away with murdering her own baby on TV just to get ratings. What a whore!

Watch the video from TMZ:

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