Bank Robbing Stripper Shot In Her Sexy Pole Dancin’ Leg! [VIDEO & SEXY PICS]

The only poles Lee Grace Dougherty is gonna be dancing around are the ones you see in jail. She and her two brothers were finally arrested after a nation wide crime spree and shoot out that ended in a blaze of bullets in Colorado.

After a high speed pursuit that ended in a crash, Lee pulled either a hand gun or a machine gun (depending on which article you’re reading) and cops shot her in one of her sexy pole dancin’ leg. I guess she’s gonna have to collect disability for a little while.

According to the Daily Mail, “The trio had been on the run, hunted by police and the FBI, after storming a Valdosta, Georgia, bank on August 2 with guns blazing, shooting up the ceiling before making off with an unknown amount of cash.” Party foul!

But before she was the FBI’s most wanted bad girl, Lee was just another slutty gal postin’ sexy pics on the internet! Here’s a few of her best!


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