Casey Anthony, the woman who murdered her daughter Caylee was found “not-guilty” but a jury of her peers. They are obviously her peers because MY peers would have found her guilty.

I’m sitting here at my work computer listening to Baez gloat (in both English and Spanish) and thought I’d take a moment to write about this.

We’ve basically had another O.J. Simpson verdict here. Our criminal court system is not always going to give us justice because it’s not about justice – it’s about what you can prove to a group of idiots who were too dumb to get out of jury duty. Unless they have fingerprints on a weapon – and some kind of DNA evidence our CSI society isn’t going to be able to figure out what happened and deliver any kind of accurate or just verdict.

I have no respect for our government or our judicial system. As far as I’m concerned Casey Anthony murdered her daughter Caylee and now she’s going to walk free after some brief sentencing thing for her lying to police which I’m guessing will amount to “time served” or a few more weeks or months in jail before parole.

I think everyone needs time to process this, but I’m hoping that Casey will experience some justice in the real world. I hope that every time she shows her face in public people scream “Baby murderer!” at her, and throw drinks in her face. I hope that she can’t walk down a street without being reminded of the child she murdered. I hope that wherever she lives, her neighbors plaster the neighborhood with photos of the child she murdered. I hope that she is harassed, and stalked, and terrorized for the rest of her life. There is no such thing as karma. Casey is not going to meet with some kind of cosmic justice. The public will have to deliver justice to Casey Anthony and I hope they deliver it hard.

And not shocking at all, the jury is too cowardly to stand before the press and talk about the huge stinking pile of injustice that they have delivered to our court system today. COWARDS!

What do you hope for? What do you want to see happen? I’m not asking you to threaten to do illegal things… but I do think that we need to vent with some fantasy here. What do you see in Casey’s future? What do you hope happens? What are your feelings on this verdict?

i cannot believe they let her go! what kind of stupid, ignorant, irresponsible people are they ?! i, for one, am completely and utterly supprised that they would let her go! she killed her small baby; her own flesh and blood! her daughter! she brought poor little Caley into this world , then took her out. i would NEVER be able to do such a thing to my baby …all of my friends have agreed thatt she should burn in hell! and such a thing will happen! i agree that she should be taunted and stalked and irretated and hurt and all such things- even prison is too good for her. death is too easy for her. she is so horrible! what kind of a human being may think like this? i truely believe she is a psycho- path. you have to have a rel demon in you to even think about killing your child. i have so much to say about this…i cant say it all.

It’s refreshing to see a comment about this from that prospective. DNA surely has become one of few measures for perp crimes. Its also refreshing you comment about how our judicial system is set up. With its possible flaws and all. Just imagine though, if it was a bit different, all you had to do was make a jury believe something, despite doubts… Such things are a flip of the coin, imagine if someone who hates you was in that sort of control… and had more money (albeit the state paid to exhonnerate Casey) and more power, paid influence is tremendous, one only need look at everything practically to see it

This obsession about a child you do not know what exactly happened is absolutely crazy… you were not close to at all whatsoever let alone you wouldnt even KNOW EXISTED if it weren’t for the trial and media. Way to jump on the bandwagon. There are kids in YOUR COUNTRY NOW that get bledgeoned to death and starved to death by their parents and dont get revealed to the public. What if this girl didn’t kill her kid? You wouldn’t know that for sure. You weren’t there. It’s like you all don’t want it to happen but wont do SHIT ALL to prevent it from happening.

I absolutely agree with the person before me. Casey will make millions off of a tragedy that she caused. who knew someone could be so cruel and make so much off of it. good job jury way to make the murder of a child so high paying. people everywhere will realize how easy it is to make money now. Rest in Peace Caylee.

What’s next? I’d say millions of dollars for interviews, books and movie deal. The Anthony clan is going to make out like bandits. There will never be justice for little Caylee. May her eyes never leave Casey, Cindy and Lee.