ARUBA: Come For The Beaches, Stay Cuz They Can’t Find Your Body [FUNNY ARUBA TRAVEL POSTERS]

I’ve never been to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba but it sounds like a lot of fun (if you don’t get murdered). Their Aruba official travel slogan is “One happy island.” Unless you get murdered, then the “happy island” becomes kind of a bummer. I thought I could help Aruba come up with some travel posters that were more appropriate.

Aruba: You’ve got 99 problems, but when you get back from Aruba, a bitch won’t be one.


Aruba: You won’t be able to leave, because they won’t find your body.


Aruba: One happy island, and a bunch of unmarked graves.


I mean, odds are that nothing bad will happen.


Aruba: even the girls on your own travel posters are missing!


Aruba: We’ll be lookin’ for you! At least they promise to look for you if you go missing. Our prices won’t kill you but someone else might!


Aruba: Come for the beaches, stay cuz they can’t find your body.


Aruba: The quickest way to get on the Nancy Grace show.


Aruba taxi service!


Aruba: Don’t just murder, murder right!




Aruba: What happens in Aruba stays in Aruba, especially if what happens is murder. 90,000 friends you haven’t met yet!


Aruba Dutch Caribbean Resorts sound like so much fun!


Aruba: Getting home is half the fun!


Aruba: They’ll never find her body. Netherlands West Indies


All these dudes have lost their girlfriends/wives/dates/platonic friends!


Aruba: The last vacation you’ll ever take!


Aruba is for lovers: Because no romantic getaway is complete without bloody hand prints and used condoms…


Aruba: Our beaches will leave you breathless LITERALLY…


Aruba is for lovers… and murder.

Which one do you think Aruba should adopt as their new official Aruba travel slogan?

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I’m not trying to make light of the murders of Natalee Holoway or Robyn Gardner. Joran Van der Sloot and Gary Giordano are cold blooded killers IMHO who need to be punished, but WTF Aruba? Aruba is becoming the Bermuda Triangle of tourists.