A Crime Fit For The Big Screen

God love the New York Post…my favorite trashy mag to read. This week tells of an heiress who owned a “42-room Fifth Avenue apartment, palatial estates in Connecticut and California, fabled jewels, Impressionist art, and a priceless collection of antique dolls.”

Huguette Clark who lived to be 104 and seemed to be positively senile or in some kind of fantasy world. According to all claims she spent just about every waking minute either playing with or talking about dolls. So her nurse, financial adviser and other employees just start dividing her fortune up amongst themselves. We’re talking one guy getting millions of dollars and five homes from his boss. By the time the old gal dies, there’s nothing left for her relatives who are now sewing for some kind of mishandling, though I think cops should be prosecuting for flat out stealing. How can you determine the mental state of a dead lady? How come her family didn’t force them to get her some kind of mental testing when the money started disappearing? Did they really hide it from everybody?

Reminds me of the film “A New Leaf” with Elaine May and Walter Matthau. Her servants and lawyer are all just stealing her money and living off of her and Walter Matthau comes in and cleans house. It’s actually an extremely enjoyable film if you ever get the chance to rent it. I think this one could easily be a big screen comedic tragedy or at least a Lifetime movie.

Do yourself a favor go to YouTube and watch this: http://youtu.be/wW2qpcNKCy4 it’s a scene from “A New Leaf,” the scene that reminds me of this crime. Watch it from 9 minutes and 10 seconds in, until the end. That is exactly what happened here.