10 Dudes Casey Anthony Should Date When She Gets Out Of Jail

Casey Anthony gets out of jail in a couple days which is perfect for her because that means that she totally got away with killing her baby! Way to go Casey!

She’s got 3 years of partying and sexin’ to make up for, so she’s gonna have to get bizzay (if you know what I mean). She can’t wait to date and even wants to have another baby. We’ve done a little research and found 10 wonderful men who we think are perfect for Miss Casey.

10. Scott Peterson

They’re both good looking and they both killed their first babies. What could possibly go wrong?

9. OJ Simpson

She’s the right color for him and when she inevitably breaks his heart, he’ll kill the crap out of her.

8. David Berkowitz

As you know, Casey wants another baby and is trying to think of names for her new baby… I think that “Son of Son of Sam” is a great name.

7. Joran Van der Sloot

Joran Van der Sloot is doing time in a Peruvian jail but he gets conjugal visits with at least one prostitute/girlfriend who is rumored to be pregnant with his devil spawn. Casey wants to make another baby so this is perfect for her!

6. Chris Brown

Chris Brown can offer Casey the kind of love that she truly deserves.

5. John Gardener

John Gardiner likes to rape, torture and kill young women which is perfect for Casey.

4. Steven Grant

This guy chopped up his first wife… maybe he’d do the same for Casey.

3. Richard Ramirez AKA The Night Stalker

Can you imagine the beautiful dark hard babies these two would have?

2. The Long Island Serial Killer

We don’t know who this handsome lad is YET, but we like his style. Maybe he could take Casey for a long walk on his favorite.

1. Hannibal Lechter

Hannibal Lechter would love to spend a little quality time with Casey Anthony. Perhaps he could prepare a nice meal of her.

Who do you think Casey should date when she gets out of jail?

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LOVE IT!!!! I think she should date all of them!!!! Just hope she dont have anymore kids!!!!! She needs to get fixed!!!!

This list is so funny. I’ve been very upset about the not-guilty verdict, and so it’s nice to be able to laugh at regarding Casey Anthony. Thanks for writing it. Too bad Scotty P. is still in jail-they seem to have so much in common! I think they’d really hit it off well.

We don’t really consider men who beat the shit out of women to be “nice and sexy” – more like MONSTERS