10 Criminal Clowns You Should Not Hire For Your Kid’s Party!


Recently anti-pedoclown activist Linda Beaudoin caused a stir in the clowning community by advocating a law that would require all clowns to pass a criminal background check and be licensed before being allowed around youngins’. Excellent! I would never hire a clown but I’m happy that others will be able to do so safely. But as with any new legislation, there are opponents. In this case, the anti-big government clowns aka creepy pedo-clowns.  So just in case the law doesn’t pass… here are some creeps you should look out for!

Pee Pee The Clown

I have a feeling this little girl just found out that  his sidekick, Poopypants, was not a chimp in a diaper.

Mr. Wiggleworm

Trust me…you do not want to lick this guy’s lollipop!

Boner The Clown

Spandex and boners…a combo created  in hell.

Krazy Karl

Someone’s about to get bitch-slapped.

Fubar The Clown

Never hire a clown who accepts Thunderbird as payment.


Mr. Boing Boing

His shirt buttons aren’t the only thing about to burst!

Wee Willie

Just because you’re child-sized doesn’t make it okay.

Happy The Clown

Mass Murder Suicide the Clown wasn’t as catchy

Mr. Rumpwrangler

Keep your children safe from clowns who have safe words.

Krusty Krotch The Clown

In this case I think the children are better off with the drugs.

The pervy clown coalition is fighting back with their own campaign…that I’m pretty sure isn’t doing them any favors.


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Thanks Linda! Keep us posted on any big stories you’re following, we’d love to keep our readers informed! The work you are doing is very important and we appreciate it.

Learn more about convicted children’s entertainers at http://SurvivorsSpeakOut.com
There are many children’s entertainers convicted of sex crimes against children
Recent arrest of a professional clown charged with allegedly kidnapping and rape of 12 year old
Licensing is extremely important We must make sure when the sex offender Santa Claus and clown are out of jail that there is a license and they cannot get a license
Thank you for the positive feedback I appreciate that You are so right There are some trying to write negative articles Many people are unaware of so many convicted children’s entertainers You can view videos on http://www.youtube.com/artbylindalee
I hope you come and check out http://www.SurviorsSpeakOut.com
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It is all about keeping children safe !!